Some people have a lot of nerve. Some people are ok with doing, saying what ever it is they want, to whomever it is they want.

 Lying, or misleading millions of people would certainly faze me. I would have trouble keeping it together knowing I have been so deceitful.  But that’s not the case with two-timeNew Yorkbest selling author Greg Mortenson.

 A story done by CBS uncovered evidence that the inspirational story, which is the fuel being Mortenson’s charitable works, is a completely fabricated lie. Mortenson claims that after failing to summit thepeakofK2, he wondered into a small Pakistani village where he was welcomed and nurtured back to health.  

 Mortenson has told his dramatic story to millions as a sought-out inspirational speaker, but he inst there for free. CBS reports that Mortenson is making 30,000 per engagement, none of which is directed back toward the charitable fund. However, the travel expenses and promotional fees are paid in full by the charity. Did I mention Mortenson also uses the speaking engagements as a venue to sell his book, the books profit go directly back to him?

 Ralph Hanson posted a piece by 60 minuets which found that more money was spent on travel, advertising and promos, than was actual used for charity.

 Let me get back on track. I just don’t understand how someone can take a lie so far. It would be one thing to publish a misleading memoir, but to build an empire-style charity based completely on a lie, that’s another.

 I don’t want to jump the gun on sending Mortenson to jail forever. The man has done some very good things. I think he has always wanted to make a difference and has always had good intentions. This just adds to the mystery. Why would such a philanthropic man live such a big lie?