Senator Brenda Council says she is alarmed at the growing number of sexually transmitted diseases amongst the youth ofNebraska. As a result, she serves as the sponsor of LB 192, a bill which would mandate sex education inNebraskaschools.

 It’s about time this issue was dealt with on a state level. Obviously some school districts are not capable or are to stubborn to provide student with accurate and informative information pertaining to sex education. As it stand right now, how and what is taught during sex education classes is completely up to the district. Council’s bill would require that all schools provide age-appropriate, medically accurate information on sexual health to students.

 I hope I’m not alone in realizing that were at a point where we can no longer teach abstinence. Now, I say that understanding that at home parent may choose to tell their kids that abstinence is the only option, but in the public school system we have a responsibility to educate kids and let them make informed decisions.

 Studies will show that the more kids are pushed and pushed to remain abstinent, the more likely they are to have their first sexual experience before the age of 18. Along with that studies have also shown that kids admit to having their first sexually experience before the age of 18. This goes to show that no matter what we do, kids are going to be sexually active. It would be beneficial to have kids educated on the activities their engaging in.

 Schools claim they are limited on what they can and can not teach based upon the community they live in. It’s a legit argument. I know from experiences that schools in communities, which tend to be more conservative, want to teach abstinence more than the alternative. Schools that don’t have the pressure of such a conservative community are more willing to properly educate student on sexual health.

 LB 192 would make sex education curriculums universal. Schools would no longer be at odds with ultra-conservative parents who think abstinence is the only way. The regulated sex education classes will get local superintendents off the hook from having to make that call themselves.