A Ravenna, Nebraska man is facing a whopping 100 dollar fine for allegedly attempting to smoke marijuana in the back of a Kearney Cab. Aside from sparking a serious interest, ill take this time to let this, less-than-heinous crime, spark a conversation. Notice I have used “sparking” twice already in this post, not by accident.

 The news article said the man will face maximum fine of 100 dollars. To me this seems like a bit of a joke. A minor caught with alcohol will spend up to three days in jail, but a man trying to toke up in the back of a cab will only face a 100 dollar fine. Silly, isn’t it? Not to mention, alcohol is widely accepted and legal substance.

 I don’t want to make this blog about if pot should be legalized or not, but rather why has our courts made the penalty for possession so lenient.

 If there was any law in need of leniency it’s the M.I.P. law. Again it’s crazy to think a minor could serve jail time for having a beer underage. I have always stood by the idea; If your old enough to take a bullet for your country your old enough to drink a beer, or whatever alcohol you prefer.

 If the FDA has not outlawed alcohol, but has publically spoken against the legalization of weed, than I think that’s proof enough to say one is more hurtful than the other. Consequently there is no reason someone in possession of a more harmful drug shouldn’t suffer harsher consequences.

 I guess if there is anything we can say for the hot-boxing taxicab bandit  it’s that he made the decision not to drive. Responsible choice.