On March, 19, 2011 I celebrated my 21st birthday. Four days before that I celebrated my daughters 6 month birthday. I have to admit, I have reached the point where my birthday isnt the most important.

 I don’t think many people see me as a dad. Coming from the guy who blogs about boozing on his birthday I suppose I don’t fit the fatherly mold. But as surprised as you may be, I am the father of the worlds only perfect 6 month old. Sorry if this blog runs into a bragging session.

 In my short time as a father I have learned a few basic, but important things. Put diapers on tight, loose diapers tend leak. The doctor recommended ratio for formula is 1 scoop for every one ounce of water. Never, ever wake a sleeping baby. Small house dogs will attack dirty diapers. Double travel and packing times. Never get caught without a binky. Extra clothing always comes in handy.

 All of the above-mentioned things might make life a bit more convenient, but I have also learned some more intangible lessons.

 Friday and Saturday nights at home have become more important than tipping back cold ones with friends. I’m not the most important person in the world anymore. Being a good role model actually means something now. And I’m not as tough as I thought I was, little girls will do that to you.

 Being a dad has opened my eyes so many things. Things most people won’t understand unless they have had the privilege of being a dad. In an instant your perception is completely alerted, your priorities are totally realigned. I read in a baby book that when you have your first child, you head into the hospital with two people and leave with three completely new people. It couldn’t be truer.

I have found that so many things are again fun and exciting to me. Things such as heading out to dinner or to the store to grab some last minute groceries become another great new adventure.  It never gets old hearing people tell you that you have a beautiful daughter.

I look forward to family vacations and holidays. I remember as a kid it used to be all about getting the newest video game of a new baseball mitt. Now, for me, it’s all about watching my little girl toil with a piece of wrapping paper. It’s not about waiting to unwrap that toy you have so long been waiting for, It’s about watching my little girl be passed around from uncle to uncle to grandma to grandpa and then finally back to dad.

It feels good embracing this new lifestyle and this new outlook on life. Like I mentioned earlier it’s something that the even the greatest of writers could not describe to you. But to all of you who will someday become a dad or mom, you’ll know where this column is coming from.

Harper Rae Sloan

You’ll get all the feelings I was trying to explain. You’ll have a brand new outlook and perspective, and you’re going to love it.