They say great things come in small packages. The same stands true for short films. Great films come in 20 minuet masterpieces.

 At the corner of West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet there is a hidden, Oscar winning gem. West Bank Story, a politically based musical which sheds light on the unrest in the West Bank, is worth every bit of praise its received.

 The short film uses two eating establishments pitted against each other in the West Bank. The Hummus  Hut and the Kosher King., The Hummus Hut serves the area’s Muslims and of course the Kosher King feeding the Jews. Sticking with the real-life struggle between the two religious groups, the short film shows a young Jewish man and young Muslim women entering into a forbidden relationship.

 This should sound familiar. Director and writer Ari Sandel uses this well known tale of a forbidden love to show the current struggle in the West Bank. This out-of-the-box idea brings both entertainment and political commentary. The message is important and easy to understand and, yet it’s not a bore to sit and watch.

 The 2005 Oscar winning short works exceptionally well because it’s a short production. The message is short and to the point. This politically charged production could have drug and lost it’s effectiveness but Sandel did nothing  of that sort.

 I look forward to this crew bringing us more 20 minuet masterpieces.