They called him the pride of Lowell, Mass. Dickey Ward, an Irish boxer know mostly for his 70’s boxing career and knock down of boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard. His brother Mickey, Dickeys protégé, know for his 80’s welter weight world title.

 Dickeys straggle with drugs and the law and Mickey’s fight to keep his focus while engaging in a new and exciting love affair makes for a well acted film, worthy of praise.

 The Fighter portrays the streets of Lowell as a city devastated by the economy filled with hard knocks and alcoholic. The Ward brothers are the products of a hard upbringing, every experience crafting their skill with hardened knuckles and a relentless work ethic.

 The two road workers are Lowell celebrities, untouchable city idols. But there is a darker side to the fame. Dickey ahs fallen into a life of drugs where he’ll do anything to fuel his addiction. A HBO camera crew follows dickey where ever he goes, originally it’s thought the crew id filming a documentary on Ward for his previous knock down of Sugar ray Leonard.  But we find out the camera crew has a much different idea.

 Christian Bale, who plays Dickey, delivers a nearly flawless performance as he takes on the role of a retired boxer turn crack addict. It’s impressive to see someone who could have no prior exposure to the world of hard drugs pull off such a realistic portrayal.

 The same can be said for Mark Wahlberg, playing Mickey. I can’t say I was every around the streets of Lowell Mass. In the 1980’s but I completely believe that I would have encountered the same attitude from the people as the attitude portrayed by Wahlberg. It was so much more than an acting performance from Wahlberg. He really took on the character and played it perfectly.

 The story line is as impressive as the actors who carried it out. Based of the true story of the Ward family, the story shows us the struggle between families and drugs. It was interesting to see how far down Dickey had fallen and Mickey’s attempt to take a different path. It’s believable that Mickey could have really experienced a deep inner struggle between bettering his boxing career while still being a loyal brother. It’s a struggle I think many people experience.

  The Fighter exposes audiences to the cutthroat lifestyles lived by the Ward brothers. Wahlberg and Bale gives us a five star performance allowing us to really see how things were on the streets of Lowell in the 1980’s.