By definition, the Supreme Court of the United States has the responsibility of upholding and interpreting the Constitution. In regards to the ruling of the Westboro Baptist Church case, our honorable Supreme Court fell well short of their job.

 The Supreme Court ruled 8-1 that the heinous protest conducted by the Phelps clan was protected by their first amendment right to free speech. I have disrespectful disagree with their ruling.

 I can say that I am an avid believe that any form of censorship or hindrance of free speech is wrong. But please keep in kind the words form another famous Supreme Court ruling, “your right to swing your arms stops at my nose.”

 Thus meaning; you have the right to do, or say whatever it is you want, until it infringes on my own rights. I can’t speak for the people directly affected by the protest of the Westboro Baptist Church, mainly because their all dead but ask the families and I bet they’ll tell you they have had their rights stepped on and drug through the mud.

 I afore-mentioned those men and women effected by the ridiculous behavior of the WBC, hose men and women are among the most honored and respected people of this country. These soldiers who have mad the ultimate sacrifice for our country have been totally and completely betrayed by the Supreme Court and the American justice system.

 I think it’s ironic that the very rights these brave men and women died for are now being used against them. Really, the Supreme Court can’t see that these people have the right to a peaceful send off as much as the Phelps family ahs the right to spread their hateful and at many times message?

 I believe that we have an obligation to protect these people like they have protected us. We will have totally failed in honoring the legacy of these soldiers if we do not stop the WBC from using the funereal of these men and women as their stage.

 I think the Supreme Court needs to take a much more realistic approach to their interpretation of the constitution. I think it’s widely agreed that the means of protest of the WBC is completely unethical, which I know does not always mean it’s unconstitutional.  But can we please understand that common sense should be seriously regarded here.

I think the Supreme Court has an obligation to uphold a quality of life for the citizen of this country, a quality of life which does not end with one’s death. A quality of life which allows everyman to be respectful and peacefully laid to rest.