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Rosenblatt Stadium

I have forever been a huge fan of College Baseball and the College World Series. Since i first passed through the gates at Johnny Rosenblatt stadium, I knew Omaha would be a regular during my summer vacation. Rosenblatt Stadium is most commonly known for its tradittion. Its one of those places where you can just feel the tradition sitting besides you. In my opinion it ranks up there next to Rigley Field of Chicago, The forum in Montreal, or Yankee stadium of old. With the relocation of the CWS, Rosenblatt Stadium has become an item up for sale, most likely to be bought bu the near by Henry Doorly Zoo. What to do with it is the question.

Dan Poly

I know this is a very sensitive subject, and I can respect that there is no reason to continue the agony any longer than needed. With that being said, I have a very serious problem with the way Dan Poly’s death was handled by UNK, and the people behind the blunder need to be held responsible. As a student of Public Relations I can say I observed a number problems with the communication between UNK officials and students. Problem which surely have offended the family and friends of Dan Poly and possibly created a unrealalistic image of the young man.