For many years, as long as I have been alive, Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha has been center stage for College Baseball. The glorious reign came to an end as the South Carolina Gamecocks defeated the UCLA Bruins to win the College World Series in the final game at Rosenblatt.

The city of Omaha made the decision to relocate the CWS to a newer and more technologically advanced stadium located in downtown Omaha. In June the thousands of people which would otherwise have flocked to 13th Street Omaha, will invade downtown Omaha leaving Rosenblatt as empty as it sits on a cold December day.

With the relocation, the city of Omaha has begun deliberating what to do with the historic stadium. Since the stadium and the land it sits on are totally owned by the city, the most likely option is to sell the land as a surplus to the nearby Henry Doorly Zoo. The land would sell for about 12 Million Dollars.

The real decision is deciding when to bring down the legend. It’s rumored that demolition could begin as soon as this summer. The city is in the tedious of applying zoning regulations which would make the demolition process as cheap as possible.