The legislation proposed by Senator Mark Christensen would allow certain teachers and administrators to carry concealed weapons, to be used in the case of a school shooting.

The bill would allow only certain teachers who meet a certain criteria to arm-up. But what are those criteria’s and what kind of training must these educators go through?

A story done by an anonyms high school student raises a good point. What training could a school teacher undergo that could potentially prepare them to fire upon one of their student? And what training could possibly prepare our educators to make a sound decision on weather to shoot or not shoot.

There are people who have been trained to make these types of decisions. They’re called soldiers and policemen, not school teachers.

I oppose this bill for many reasons but most recently because I don’t think the psyche of a Nebraska school teacher is one stable enough to fire upon a deranged 15 year old.

We need to be more proactive on keeping guns out of our schools. We need to do a better job of making sure the most troubled kids know the consequences of such actions.

I think the preceding solutions are a much better idea than sending our sweet, c0mpasionate, nurturing, apple-eating school teachers to target practice.