A proposed bill from Nebraska senator Mark Christensen, of Imperial, would allow teachers and administrators who met certain criteria to carry concealed weapons in their schools.

A very very, terrible idea.

A story done by The Christian Science Monitor, says that similar bills have been propose recently in states including Arizona, Oklahoma, Nevada, and Wisconsin. Forty-three states (plus the District of Columbia) explicitly prohibit people from bringing guns to K-12 schools, according to The National Conference of State Legislatures.

One school district in Texas has adopted a concealed weapons policy. The Harold Independent School District has a policy in place which allows certain teachers to carry concealed weapons. The school district is located in one of the most desolate area of Texas, where the closest law enforcement is up to thirty  miles away. The superintendent personally overseas the policy and the few administrators who are allowed to carry the weapons are required to undergo an extensive training process. 

I think that in the case of the Texas school some policy needs to be in place, but here in Nebraska, no.

I can see that senator Christensen is only trying to make Nebraska schools safer, but I have to believe he could have drafted up a more sensible solution.

Please remember that these are stills schools. Years ago these kinds of problems didn’t exist. Then violence became more and more frequent and we added school resource officers. Now, we want armed teachers and principals. What’s next, A uniformed soldier walking around our educational institutions with AK-47’s?

Adding more firepower is not going to stop these tragedy’s. We need to take an even more proactive step to stop these events from unfolding.

We need to work harder to keep guns out of our schools. I wish senator Christensen would put his time and energy into keeping guns out of our schools, opposed to introducing more guns into our schools.