For JMC 406 class we were asked to find an editorial, on the state level, which we either liked or disliked. I choose this story from the Grand Island Independent speaking about the proposed legislation which would allow certain teachers and faculty members to carry  concealed weapons  in school.

The legislation, proposed by Senator Mark Christensen of Imperial, would allow teachers and administrators to carry concealed weapons if “certain previsions,” are met.

The Independent does a good job of making their stance clearly know right form the beginning. After giving some very general information on the bill, the editorial says “This newspaper strongly opposes the idea of guns in schools, other than in the hands of police.” This is a very precise and string statement.

The paper does a good job of presenting some emotional and intangible reasoning, supporting their stance. The paper also admits that though the bill may carry good intentions it is drastic and not well thought out. I think the writer of this piece wrote this with a sound and realistic mind.