In a world where we so heavily rely on fossil fuels, it’s hard to even fathom where society would be without oil. What if there was no oil? What if we run out? These questions, which seem so impractical, will soon be answered.

Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest producer of oil, producing 8,406 barrels per day, has publicly commented that they are currently exploring alternative energy solutions. A concern that the countries domestic demands won’t be met sparked the sudden interest.

Reports indicate that if Saudi domestic demand for oil continues to rise at its current rate, Saudi Arabia will need to produce 8 million barrels of oil per year simply to satisfy domestic demand. When combined with estimated foreign demand, it’s believed that Saudi oil reserves will run dry sooner than originally expected.

Real progress in the search for a reliable, reusable, alternative energy source won’t be made without cooperation between the nations of the world. World leaders will need to work as a unified coalition in order to make substantial improvements.

The world is headed for an energy crisis. Dismay and panic could ensue when word get out that oil reserves are dry. The world could be on the verge of chaos and war if this issue is not resolved and resolved together.

Saudi Arabia has already implemented a dual plan which consists of nuclear and solar energy sources. The Saudis plan to consult with multiple nations, including the United States, France, Great Britain, Korea, and Japan. The Saudis will look to have operational solar energy plants with the capability of producing energy on a commercial level in 8-10 years.  

That being said, the Saudis know their experience alone won’t allow them to make those advancements. Other world leaders should take a page from “The Kingdoms,” playbook. With the best interest of their countrymen and the entire world in mind, Saudi leaders asked for help.

The world should continue this trend. Progress can be made and this potential energy crisis can be evaded.