If Eskimos were searching for a replacement to ice, I would consider that a pretty good indicator that ice reserves were dwindling. Now I’m certain we wont ever encounter a lack of ice, but oil, yes.

A story by RENEWABLEENERGYSPOT.COM has reported that “although Saudi Arabia, if they would keep producing the same amounts of oil as now has reserves which could last for around 80 years, they are concerned about their own, domestic energy consumption.

With the Saudis domestic demand on the rise, the amount of oil they will be able to export will diminish. Accordingly, the rest of the world which relies on Saudi oil will also need to explore alternative energy options.

“We have started to take the required steps to utilize solar and nuclear energy,” said Ali al-Naimi, the oil minister. He also noted that the saying “energy derived from fossil fuels is different from that from renewable sources” doesn’t hold water anymore, and that the world needs all the energy they can get, according to the report.

More progressive countries like America, Russia, England, and Japan have already began research in alternative energy, The trend needs to continue.

World leaders, such as American President Barack Obama, have already began to make alternative energy a priority in their respective countries. In a story done by Jason Mick, it explains how Obama addressed Americas alternative energy initiative in last night State of the Union Address.

Obama’s plan my be domestic, but I argue that the expansion of alternative energy should be one tackled by a world coalition. It’s apparent that the need is there for most countries and with fossil fuels reserves being used up faster and faster everyday, something needs to give, progress needs to be made. Were already behind.

Ill steal a line from Ralph McGill’s 1959, A Church, A School.

It is late, But there is yet time.