In a world where fossil fuels are becoming more scarce and the race to find new alternative energies is on, Saudi Arabia is becoming a world leader. The Kingdom of Saudi plans to end their reliance on fossil fuel and develop an alternative energy mix, which would include atomic and solar sources, according to a story done by Abeer Allam.

Saudi leaders estimate that by 2028 the country will need to produce around 8 million barrels of oil simply to meet domestic demands. When calculating in the amount of oil needed to satisfy the demands of the remaining countries relying on oil from Saudi Arabia, it’s clear how important it is for advancement to be made in the search for alternative energy.

The Saudi plan calls for a mix of both nuclear energy and solar energy. This plan will require research in both fields which will be beneficial for both Saudi Arabia and the rest of the World.

Hashim Yamani, president of the King Abdullah Atomic and renewable Energy City, says he believes the country will develop solar energy in commercial quantities before atomic energy. He said in the 8-10 year period it will take to make those advancement, Saudi Arabia will work closely with, and use a mix of US, French, British, Korean and Japanese experience.

This is exactly what our world needs to be doing. If we are going to find renewable sources of energy, which can can cut our reliance on fossil fuels than we are going to need to do so as a unified coalition.

Saudi leaders know that in order to keep their country as a front-runner in the alternative energy race, they’ll need to look to other countries with more experience. Our world needs to make a unified push to make the alternative energy initiative a priority in every nation. This world-scale movement will require more and more leaders to think in similar to the Saudi king.