It was scanning over this article done by Gül Tüysüz, who is a foreign services correspondent for the Washington Post. It occurred to me that we have read the same story time and time again. It goes to show that whatever it is that the international community is doing is not working.

The article talks about the upcoming meeting, to take place in Istanbul Turkey, which will attempt to facilitate talks between the five UN security members, Germany and Iran.  The meeting is hosted by Turkey due to their long-lasting, close relationship to Iran.

If Turkey were not hosting these talks, I doubt any progress would be made at all. Turkey has quickly risen to stardom as one of the international communities top negotiators. In may of 2010 Turkey and Brazil developed the Tehran declaration, a nuclear fuel swap deal. Unfortunately, the United States and other European partners denied the deal and instead passed a number of sanctions against Iran.

So another round of talks and deliberating will ensue. It is the hope of Turkish leader Ahmet Davutoglu’s that something can be resolved. Arzu Celalifer Ekinci, a Middle East policy analyst, says that in the event that talks don’t go well, Turkey has the most to lose. Turkey has tried their best to be as involved as possible in nuclear talks. After the denial of the Tehran declaration, critics became more vocal on the tactics of the Turkish leaders.

The overall consensus is that this round of negotiations will go much better than previous attempts. With relations between Turkey and Iran being as good as ever, U.N. officials are confident a resolution can be reached.