I never though I would ever have a personal blog. I never felt that my ideas, insight or thoughts on any certain subject were worthy of publishing for anyone to see. Aside form the various sports writing I did with the dailynebraskan.com I never thought I wanted to open up my thoughts for all to see.

To pinpoint an area of expertise for me would be close to impossible. I could list a number of things I know well: cigars, sports,  some politics, 90’s music, geography, mountain climbing, baseball, history, the list is a very random and very wide-spread assortment. So I guess there is no telling what it is you might see on this blog. I can only promise you a smorgasboard of different topics.

I’m sure you wont agree with everything I post here and I’m sure you might find some of it slightly ridiculous, and I don’t claim any of it to be right. But ill do my best to make some things educational, insightful, honest, and hopefully interesting.